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At InnerCore we motivate our clients to be their best. But don't take our word for it. They can speak for themselves.


“Working with Paul has been a life changing experience. I started training with him three years ago, two to three times a week. He keeps training fresh and interesting. Over the years we haven't repeated the same workout twice! Working with Paul, I've gained strength, flexibility, endurance and confidence with my training technique. He pushes hard for results but is very aware of not pushing me past my limits. I have not experienced a training injury working with Paul - something that I've done in the past working out by myself. Whatever your fitness goals, I highly recommend seeking out InnerCore Fitness!"
Hugh Heslep


“Paul has made a significant contribution to assisting me in improving my quality of life! I have had lifetime issues battling weight gain. Each 'diet' failed and my weight came back only increasing to lifetime highs beyond where I started. I put it out of mind for years until I realized I had to make a change. Through prayer and seeking help I met Paul. I thought long and hard about making one last attempt to overcome my issues. With the help of God and under the personal training of Paul it has been four years that I have sustained my 80lb loss! Paul understands the physiology of the human body, including the needs of his 'senior' clients. He knows how to motivate and help you achieve what you thought impossible. Thank you InnerCore for making such a difference in my life."
Craig Schiro


“Paul is an exceptional trainer not only due to his knowledge of the physical and mental benefits, but also his personable coaching skill. He is well versed about safe exercises and works to achieve strength and conditioning according to my goals. He's happy to include my favorite exercise modules like the bench and accomodates new requests like boxing. At InnerCore, workout routines are interesting, with no two being exactly the same. I'm pushed to safely exceed what I thought were my limits and I leave a session feeling better than when I arrived. Recently, he coached me to set a local record for an abs routine. His encouragement and celebration of my achievements cause me to derive benefits exceeding my expectations and leave me with the satisfaction of a worthwhile visit to the gym.”​
John Van Fleet


“I was introduced to Paul after being diagnosed with Type II Diabetes, the disease that took my mother's life. The rest is history. With his help, I lost 100lbs in nine months, beating my goal. His focused food managment and nutrition program and his personal training were the keys to my success. I worked out five days a week, and continue to do so to this day. Paul's expertise, education, and training credentials are impressive. He designed an individualized program to help me meet my health and fitness needs and through my work with him, I truly believe helped me save my life. After my weight loss, I was cured of Type II Diabetes, among other health issues and eliminated five prescriptions. He has the incredible talent to blend the physical, behavioral, physiological and psychological aspects of personal training into a focused program that meets your needs in a private and professional environment. I recommend him without reservation. You won't regret it!
Glenna Pierpont

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